Getting Started - Can't connect Photon to wifi network

This is probably a simple fix to this but I can’t figure it out. Every time I try to connect my Photon to my home network, everything works up to the Photon trying to connect. All I get is the following message repeating forever:

Telling the Photon to apply your Wi-Fi configuration...

How can I fix this problem and what is the cause? My network has a 5G band and a 2.4G band. I don’t think that should affect the connection.

How the problem looks:

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Hi @mhay10

Thanks for writing in.

I suppose you used “particle setup”. Have you tried using “particle serial wifi” via Listening Mode as mentioned in the WIFI troubleshooting guide for Photon? Troubleshooting WiFi on the Particle Photon/P1 – Particle Support

A general WIFI guide: WiFi Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide – Particle Support

Please take a look, and let us know if you have further queries.

What LED color(s) are you seeing and its behavior? What kind of modem / router are you using? Is there an Arris involved?