Difficulty Connecting Particle Photon to wifi modem

I hope this topic finds you well. I am writing to seek assistance regarding an issue I have encountered while attempting to set up my Particle Photon device.

Despite diligently following the setup steps outlined in the documentation provided on your website, I have been unable to successfully connect my Particle Photon device to my Wi-Fi modem. Upon completion of the setup process, I consistently encounter a breathing dark blue LED indicator, indicative of a connection issue.

To resolve this matter and ensure the successful integration of my Particle Photon device into my university project, I have taken the following steps:

  1. Flashed all necessary bin files and drivers as instructed.
  2. Followed the setup procedures meticulously, adhering to the guidelines provided in the documentation.

Despite these efforts, I remain unable to establish a connection between the Particle Photon device and my Wi-Fi modem. Given the critical nature of this project for my academic pursuits, I am keen to explore any additional steps, firmware updates, or alternative solutions that may be necessary to achieve successful connectivity.

I kindly request your guidance and support in troubleshooting this issue. Furthermore, if there are any specific firmware updates or drivers that I may be overlooking, I would greatly appreciate your assistance in identifying and implementing them.

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I look forward to your prompt response and resolution of this issue.

Warm regards,

Which setup are you using? setup.particle.io ?

When you do the setup steps, what colors does the status LED change to? It should start with blinking green. Normally, it should then proceed to blinking cyan, fast blinking cyan, then breathing cyan. Does it do any of those steps?

Are you connecting to your university network, a phone hot spot, or a home router?

Dear friend
The led status is exactly starting with blinking green after i flash the bin files with cli commands.then I put it on listening mode which is blinking blue. I turn off my laptop wifi then I enter “particle serial wifi” command, and I just receive the error about can search for wifi and having permission to search for wifi. If I turn on my laptop wifi and enter the command the led status becomes breathing blue

The bin files contain
Photon tinker

The drivers I installed is:
Libusbk 3.0.7

Since you have a Photon 1, when you do a particle serial wifi the Wi-Fi scan is done on your laptop, not on the device itself, so it requires access to your laptop Wi-Fi. If you don't want to use your laptop Wi-Fi, or can't because you're using it as a hot spot, you will need to manually enter the SSID, encryption type, and password.

This isn't necessary with the Argon, P2, and Photon 2 and recent versions of the Particle CLI, which do the Wi-Fi scan on the device, not on the computer or laptop with the Particle CLI.

Ok, I’ve tested this when my laptop wifi was on and yet I couldn’t add my device to particle cloud however i received successful connection to wifi message but the led status was breathing blue and not cyan or stable blue