Getting into SmartConfig mode

Are there any special tricks to getting into SmartConfig mode? I’ve seen the instructions on the github wiki, but pressing the button shortly after plugging in the power isn’t working for me. I CAN get the device into DFU mode and flash it that way by holding BTN when powering on, and it’s recognized by my computer, but SmartConfig mode never seems to load up.

@pyro2927 Just shot you an email, I’m pretty sure I programmed yours incorrectly :turtle:

Come back into the office sometime and I’ll fix it up for you

Everything’s all fixed up and working! Just a note to anyone else who is trying it, I had an easier time configuring the Core with no peripherals attached, including the breadboard.

i might be having the same problem. did you program mine incorrectly too? maybe i just hosed mine during a compile/upload of firmware…good times!