Can't turn into listening mode(flashing blue)

Hi all,
my spark core now keep in breathing cyan even I factory reset or hold the MODE button for three seconds.

Can you shoot a video while you are doing either one and post it?

here is video.
it is still breathing.
I can use it yesterday.

I get “This video is private”

ok I turn to public.

I see now.
It does look a bit like the button is not actally switching propperly.

Would you dare to try bridging the pins of the button with steady hand and a thin piece of wire?
Just to confirm or debunk my theory :wink:

Do you mean jumper?

Yes, exactly

sorry,I don’t really know how to do that,can u teach me? ths

I just try to type “particle setup wifi” in cmd,and it suddenly flash blue and turn into listening mode,I think my problem has been solved.Thanks you~

but can you still teach me how to do the jumper?? ths~

I’ll fill in here for a bit, but what he is saying is to get a jumper wire and connect the opposite sides of the button together with it.
If you look closely at the setup button you will see it has 4 prong like things sticking out of it. What you want to do is connect the top left and the lower right prongs until the LED flashes blue by touching them with a jumper wire. You can try this out on the reset button and watch the board reset if you want to just try it out to make sure you are doing it right just in case it isn’t your button.


Sorry for not replying earlier, but I had no inet - but @Leon is spot on :+1:

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