Core Wont Enter Listening Mode

Hi hi,

I have an original Spark Core… until recently it was working, but today it stopped connecting to the internet…

When I power the core up, for a while the cyan flashes… if I look at my router I can see it connect… also shows as flashing blue on

Then after a short while, starts to slowly pulse green… stops flashing in and vanishes from my router…after another perhaps 20 minutes it starts to pulse blue…

I’m attempting to follow the guides to clear the memory (didn’t work, SETUP/Mode button does not do anything) so I tried to connect with USB using the CLI however can not enter listening mode because as above, the SETUP/Mode button does not seem to respond at all.

Any ideas?


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Recently, the original Spark Core I had been using for one of my projects also had the same issues. While I replaced it with a Photon and all is cool now, i’d like to resurrect this Core and use it for something else if possible. Furthermore, when I did a factory reset of said Core and attempted to put it into listening mode, the LED just glows a constant white instead of flashing blue.

Did you get anywhere in resurrecting yours?