Can't get from fast green blink to listen mode

This does not work for me:

I get it to go from fast green blink to no blink, but nothing else. Once it did go into solid green. Any ideas? I’m trying to use the particle-cli to set up WiFi.

Although there shouldn’t be much of a difference, make sure yo’re using the correct docs. Are you using a Photon or a Core?
Could you show us a screenshot of the CLI process? You can use particle setup, or particle setup wifi. I prefer the latter, and I rather not have it look for things automatically. Also, make sure the router you’re using is broadcasting on a channel lower than 11.

Try this: [Spark core] Common issues

This is a Photon.

Please leave the device for a minute or two - it should eventually enter listen mode/setup mode and start flashing the LED blue. What is happening is that the system is waiting for the WiFI driver to obtain an IP Address via DHCP. This should eventually timeout after 15 seconds, but perhaps in some cases it may take longer.