Cant get into Safe mode or DFU

Hey Guys,

I really need to get my P1 into DFU mode because it is unable to connect to cloud (trying to follow instructions from a different post that @rickkas7 commented on).

However everytime i press the setup and reset button together and let go of the reset button the p1 just resets.
The setup mode is working because i am able to get into connection mode (blinking blue).

Any suggestions on a fix?


Have you got a USB connector on your P1 board?

And what does that exactly mean

Sure the P1 will reset, but what happens after the reset while you are still holding the SETUP button?
How have you wired the SETUP button on your PCB?
There might be a design flaw that causes that behaviour.

However, when you can enter Listening Mode, you can also use particle flash --serial firmware.bin to flash the device this way.

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Thanks I solved the entering DfU mode issue by loading bootloader again with SWD pins