P1 Mode/Setup button suddenly stopped working

Hello Particle friends - I’m a bit stuck with my P1 and custom dev board.

The Mode/Setup button was working just fine and putting things into listening mode until I flashed some new firmware (that we know to be working on another P1 board). Now it is breathing magenta, not responding to any OTA tinker or blink flashes (it will blink magenta, but then just go back to breathing magenta).

My next course of action is to put it into DFU mode and do an update (though, see here for our serial connectivity issues), but unfortunately now I can’t get any response from Mode button pushing! I’ve checked and the button and mechanical connection are just fine, so I feel this is somehow an internal firmware thing.

Please advise on how best to move forward since there is no factory reset option with just the reset button (which is working)!

Update: I fixed the magenta breathing problem with flashing tinked from Build (and only build).

On the button, I’ve removed our button and exposed the pads a bit more for multimeter investigations. Right now it’s reading .043V when open which seems suspiciously low. I wonder if a recent firmware update screwed something up with internal pul-up resistors?

Nothing has changed there to our knowledge. One way to test this is to revert to older firmware and see if the behavior continues.