Can't Get P1 Into DFU Mode

Just received a prototype from a vendor that includes a P1. The P1 powers on and I can claim it via Wifi using the app, but I don’t seem to be able to access it over the USB port and I can’t get it into DFU mode. When I press both buttons and release the reset, it briefly blinks magenta, then goes to rapid green blink. The device doctor CLI command does not seem to find it regardless of the mode. Any of these symptoms ring a bell?



Answering myself here, in case somebody else has the problem. Turns out the P1 on the board was running a very old version of the firmware. I updated the boot loader, updated to the current firmware and it behaves as expected.

Weird that a factory new P1 would show up running 0.5.x.

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You should still be able to use DFU mode with 0.5.x. For P1s in particular, the supply chain is long. The firmware is flashed at the factory where the module is manufactured and put onto reels and sealed. Then it winds through distribution. Since it would be impractical to update the devices after manufacture, and they all can self-update OTA, there isn’t an effort to update the factory images very often. All devices ship with 0.5.3 to 0.5.5.

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