Restore to "factory state 0.5.3"


we are preparing for production of a device with a p1. the p1’s we have have a old device os (0.5.3) and the normal way to get them in dfu mode (“particle usb dfu”) does not work on these 0.5.3’s.

i keep “destroying” them (startup - no led, can get them in dfu mode with the buttons) - seems the default application is corrupted or something. i can flash them with 1.5.2 no problem

but it would be great if i could reflash them to “factory state” to try to fix my factory test

are these (old 0.5.3) system and application files somewhere to be found?


The particle usb commands including particle usb dfu only work when the device already has Device OS 1.0.0 or later, so that definitely will not work if the P1 has 0.5.3.

You can use the buttons (if you have them), or connect by USB serial at 14400 baud (if you have USB) to trigger DFU mode on 0.5.3.

In order to roll a device back to 0.5.3, you will need:

  • System part 1 and part 2 for P1 from the 0.5.3 Device OS Release.
  • Tinker. You can use particle flash --usb tinker or if you need the binary, get it from the Particle CLI. Note that 0.4.5 Tinker is the correct version that is installed at the factory for 0.5.3 devices.
  • Bootloader. You’ll need to flash this in --serial mode or by SWD/JTAG. You can’t flash a bootloader in --usb (DFU) mode in 0.5.3.
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great! just what i was looking for!

and for others interested: the “restore” procedure is:

particle flash --usb system-part1-0.5.3-p1.bin
particle flash --usb system-part2-0.5.3-p1.bin
particle flash --usb tinker-0.4.5-p1.bin
particle flash --serial bootloader-p1.bin