Getting GPS Accuracy


I’ve been working on a Particle Electron project.
I have the Electron board all working with my code but I’m not sure how to get the real accuracy of the GPS.
I’ve been using TinyGPS lib for getting info from the GPS hardware.
I get the location and speed with pretty accurate stats but no place to find the actual accuracy of it, I can get the hdop value but it returns ridiculous values (I read it should be up to 20 and I get 1K+ values).

So bottom line, any help with getting the correct GPS accuracy?

Technically speaking, you will never know the Accuracy without knowing the actual coordinates (of a surveyed monument).
HDOP in the 1,000’s means something is incorrect.
Take a look at the NMEA sentences to see what the receiver is actually sending for HDOP.
The goal is less than 5.