Playing around with this library i got good results on a google map - but i like to show more Data from the GPS like altitude, speed or hdop - but perhaps im to stupid to figure out how i can access this values from the ASSETTRACKERRK lib. Someone knows?

I’m pretty sure the FGPMMOPA6H GPS module doesn’t support altitude. Even if it did, GPS-based altitude is not at all accurate; it’s not uncommon to get altitude errors of 40 meters or more on inexpensive GPS hardware that does support it.

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I am using a electron with a BeeGPs and I am pretty sure there is some aditional data coming in from the gps. With Assettracker i was able to get the hdop to show how accurate the lat lon is. This is not possible with assettrackerrk… if i get a altitude which is 40m inaccurate i m fine because here in switzerland i deal with altitudes between 4000m and 300m - 40m dosnt matter…

I stand corrected. It does return the altitude, it just wasn’t in the old AssetTracker library.

If you’re using the backward compatibility layer, you’d use something like:


Basically, altitude is a member of the TinyGPS++ object, and there are accessors for altitude for meters, feet, etc…

Ahhh -YES that works and is very accurate!

Thank you very much!

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