Asset tracker V2 location too far

Hello everyone,

I’m having trouble with my asset tracker v2, using the assettrackerRK library, the location I’m getting is around 100 meters away from me, there are any way to improve this?
I need to have max 10-20 meters error margin.


The hardware is capable of that under ideal conditions.

The most common reason for poor accuracy is that you cannot see enough satellites. A better view of the sky or an external antenna may help.

It may be helpful do dump out the the number of satellites and the HDOP:

snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "location:%f,%f altitude:%f satellites:%d hdop:%d", t.readLatDeg(), t.readLonDeg(), t.getAltitude(), t.getSatellites(), t.getTinyGPSPlus()->getHDOP().value());;

You can see as the number of visible satellites the HDOP (horizontal dilution of precision) drops, meaning it’s more accurate.

thanks @rickkas7 I’ll try it.
I guess with this I’ll keep only high accuracy satellites?

if adding external antenna, it will be only for indoor LOS? because antenna will not improve GPS accuracy Am I right?

@cabz, If you are using GPS indoors, your results will vary greatly.

an external antenna for outdoor use could improve accuracy if it is able to increase the number of satellites.