Getting no valid GPS Data

I can’t get true GPS Data anymore from my Electron & Asset tracker shield.
The Fix GPS light goes from blinking to off after a few seconds, so it looks all good, but I get 0,00000 as Lon and Lat output.

I tried both, the internal and also external antenna. Re-flashing the firmware didn’t help either.

Thank you

Can you test the AssetTrackerRK library?

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That appears to be a bug in the Adafruit GPS library that the official AssetTracker library is built on. What I did was make a new library based on the TinyGPS++ parser and then put a compatibility wrapper so it almost drops right in in place of the official library. I find it to be much more reliable.

The github repository and more instructions are here:

Thanks guys I’ll try the AssetTrackerRK library and will report back!

Works great! Thank you
great work @rickkas7

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