Flashing Core results in restart after restart

Flashing a Core with new code seems to cause my Core to go into a restart loop which never ends. I noticed this months ago but was too busy to mention it here and figured if I left it a while when I next had time to play the issue, whatever it was, would likely be resolved.

It goes flashing cyan to flashing green to flashing orange/red back to breathing cyan - then flashing green - then flashing cyan - then nothing for a while - then flashing red/orange then breathing cyan.

Any ideas?

Have you checked this topic yet?

There’s most likely an issue with your keys that’s giving you troubles connecting.

If I’m reading the SOS code properly it’s a “hard fault”.

Wow. I’ve read the topic about potentially bad keys and it sounds complicated. How on Earth my keys might have gone bad, I don’t know. I mean I usually leave it ages between playing with these things but is that on its own enough to have keys go bad? These cores have DEFINITELY connected to cloud before.

hmmm…well, I put the core into listening mode and reclaimed it with the iPhone app, reflashed code to it, and it then did the exact same thing. So maybe it’s not a keys issue…?

If it is a keys issue, reclaiming it would not solve that.

When you have got CLI installed, try this

partcile keys doctor <insertYourDeviceID>

If it’s any other reason like SOS, then try flashing tinker like this (in DFU Mode)

particle flash --usb tinker

Could you shoot a video of this blinking, so we know what it actually looks

Well, I have just done the following:-

Hard reset.
Wifi Credentials.
Flashed the example “blink an LED” app to the Core.

Now going to try the code that resulted in the (possible) hard fault again. One second.

@daneboomer, glad your back on track, somewhat. If it faults again post your code so we can give advice. :grinning: