Finding argon devices for ios app

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trying to find argon 3rd generation devices in my ios app, I have the bluetooth working and Argon is listening but it’s not showing on my app.


Can you elaborate what you did in the app so far?


able to find devices w/ bluetooth on but with Argon in listening mode it cannot find it…


What I meant was: “Did you exactly follow the steps outlined in the setup video?”

(at which timestamp does your setup diverge from the video?)

Not sure about iOS app, but IIRC the Android App also requires the location detection permission for some BLE features - can you grant your iOS app more privileges?


So I got it reading and able to find the device’s listing but how would I find the CBUUID for the argon device ?


What would you need that for? The App wouldn’t ask you for that, would it?


sorry it’s for an ios app I built myself in xcode… sorry for this misunderstanding