Argon can't connect through app

While attempting to onboard a new argon I get “The Bluetooth connection was dropped unexpectedly. Please restart the setup and try again.”

I have tried 2 different argon with the same result.

Firmware update works, it joins the WiFi and begins to connect to the cloud. It blows up at the same point each time while attempting to connect to cloud. The device has to be hard reset each time.

Any ideas?


Is this using the iOS app?

Yes. On iPhone 6+ and iPad Pro 12". iOS 12.1 on both I think.

Cool. Have feedback about this and hope to have an update soon.

Does the devices appear in your account?

I got the same issue, and I have tried with Iphone 7+ and Galaxy Note 8.

At first I thought it was because I didn’t have a 5ghz wifi connection. I checked my router and it is a dual band. I even split up the networks and changed the name and password to ensure there was no mix up.

Still same outcome.

I did notice that in Android bluetooth does not drop, but it does not connect. Also as a side note I noticed that in the android menu you have more steps that the ones you see in the iphone.

I was not able to setup Xenons using a Samsung Note 9.

I was able to setup a Boron and a Argon Successfuly using the Samsung Note 9.

I as able to set them all up using the latest Particle App on the iPad Pro 11 inch.

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It does not appear in my account.

Can I confirm that the Argon is breathing cyan?

After failure, the light is blinking green as if it is communicating.

In my case, the app suddenly goes back to the initial screen (empty) once Argon starts looking for WiFi networks.

Similar issue: I was able to pair the argon and my Google Pixel. Argon updated firmware OK. I gave it the WiFi credentials. My phone reported connection to the internet, but then the argon sent into a connection cycle alternating slow green blinking and fast green blinking interspersed with a flash of cyan. I can not now pair to the argon. Reset and power off did not work. It is now a blinking small brick.

press reset and mode together. release reset while holding mode for ~10 seconds. The light will go through a progression of colors which escapes me at the moment. After about 10 seconds the device will reset to factory and you can try again.

This is documented here: How to do a factory reset

Thank you! including the rest link. It is reset and I can start again. The soothing blue blinking light is back!

That link is almost five years old and refers to the first generation of Particle devices, certainly not Mesh.
The docs mention the following:

I received my 10 Xenons and 3 Argons today and wanted to create a mesh network to evaluate these new products.

Now I have tried for about one hour to register the first Argon and I did not manage to get it registered:

While connected to my iOS Particle App via BT, it requires the SSID and password.

When I enter the password (format “xxxxxxxxxx,99”) it says “Incorrect password”!


Can’t wait to see how the 9 Xenons work for you. I have 5 xenonx on test now.

Can you change your password so the ”, ” is not in there? I’m assuming that’s the issue.

You could also try another device for the setup to see if it also throws the password error message. My setup went well on an iPad and there are issues with Samsung phones so avid that for now.

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Do you have special characters in your password?

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As you can see, yes, a comma is used to make the pw more secure.
This is used since 5 years now with many devices and without any issues.

Do you mean that the Mesh devices don’t accept that?

It is quite troublesome to change the name now because all devices used must also be changed…


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There is a fix to allow special characters but not released yet.


Ok, that’s great to hear @kennethlimcp!
I will try them on another network meanwhile.
Thanks for this tip!

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