Few suggestion for new multiple file IDE

First off, this is an awesome tool and a very cool IDE that you have. That said, I have a few comment/suggestions.

  1. If the number of files included exceeds the width of the monitor, there is no way to move laterally across the tab to get to the other files. I have to make my browser wider than the monitor and drag it off the side of the screen. Maybe add some scrolling arrows when this happens?

  2. Are you guys going to add support for header only files? I have a few “libraries” that are more convenience than anything that are just headers. I also was using headers for static config files.

  3. Finally, if you have a library that is only included in one of your other libraries, the IDE throws a warning when you build that it hasn’t been included. No biggie for me because I know what it is doing, but that could be confusing to others.

Thanks again for this awesome device!

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+1 on these.

I have just started looking at the SD card library and there are multiple helper files requires - far more than the IDE can accommodate horizontally. I also want to be able to delete either a .cpp or .h file individually, as like billprozav I have some examples were there is just a header (or vice-versa).

Also I know others have asked, but we need to be able to start sharing across projects, so that we can actually get multiple use from a single library rather than having to manually copy to a new project. I appreciate some of this breaks the package model we have today and I am sure the :spark: team didn’t set out to have to replicate a full blown IDE when they started this journey.


Thanks for the suggestions! Right now our IDE guys are working on advanced library support that will make it easier to pull in and share popular libraries – so I think it will start to feel more like a package system a bit. :slight_smile:

I’ll add a bug for them to just allow header files as well, that makes a ton of sense.