Web IDE Bug: New multiple files feature is duplicating things!

Whoops! Thanks @timb. We’ll look into this asap

Thanks! Bump this thread when you find something?

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Thanks @timb for bringing this to our attention so dang quick! Will look into.

It’s pretty well impossible to work with multiple files as includes as the IDE keeps duplicating them. When I try and delete the extras, it removes ALL the files. Geesh!

I think it’s not actually duplicating the files, but duplicating the entries. If I select one files and change it, the change shows up on the other as well. So it’s still workable it seems, just awkward.

Like stereo vision, eh!

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I am working with three files, a demo, an include and a library. When I compile and get a long error listing at the bottom part of the window, the code window does not go back to full length even after the error listing goes away. It does come back to full length but I am not sure yet under what conditions.

Just lost my .h and .ccp file… somehow the ide liked to rename all the added .h .ccp files to lib1.h and lib1.ccp.
As I had 2 added .h files one of them got overwritten by the first one.

FEATURE REQUEST - When you create multi-file “composite” the files are only known to each other. If you try to reference one of the files in another file outside that composite, that file is not seen. So if you have one piece of code working with three files, one being the main program and the other two a library and its .h file and you want to use the same library files but a different main, you have to copy everything over to another composite. This is not really true multi-file. If there was a COPY command on the IDE it would help somewhat. :frowning:

Sorry for the delay in fixing these bugs and thank you for giving us such great feedback. We’ve been working on fixes over the weekend and will be pushing something out today. Stay tuned.

@peekay123 If I’m understanding your feature request correctly, you’re looking for a way to share files/libraries across apps? We have the beginnings of a library system that will be integrated into the IDE in the next couple of weeks that should be able to do what you are describing.

jgoggins, a library system will be AWESOME! I look forward to it.


Okay folks, we’ve deployed a fix for the multi-file bug described on this post and this other one. Please close and reopen the Web IDE in your browser and this evil bug should be gone for you. Please post here if not.

For @peekay123 or any others who lost precious time or code due to this error, we’re really sorry and hope we can make it up to you in the future with features that rock (without bugs) :slight_smile:

I still see 3 copies of every file: logged out, and back in, and even tried Chrome instead of my usual Safari, and both show the dups.

Hmm, interesting, I haven’t seen this. Is it possible that the first tab is the application “main” and the others are are additional files you can “#include” in the main file? Can you post a screenshot of what your seeing? Does it happen only with a newly created apps or only existing ones? Does a a change to one tab cause changes on the other tab?

Is anybody else seeing anything like this?

If you’d like to follow up with me via email instead of here, that works too, I’m at joe at spark dot io.

I sent you my app URL etc via email.

Here’s a screenshot showing OneWire.h in 3 tabs at once, all highlighted in unison:

Thanks @finsprings, got your email message. Your screenshot here illustrates the bug very clearly.

If I understood our email thread correctly it sounds like you fixed the problem my creating a new app and copy and pasting stuff into it from the old one. Though this bug has been fixed for any newly created apps, I’m guessing some multi-file apps created between February 7th and 11th might still exhibit the problem–if anyone else stumbles into this issue, please try to fix described above.

I’m bumping an old thread here, but it looks like this bug has resurfaced:

If I refresh, switch projects, close the browser, go incognito (same as a cookie/session flush), etc, it still remains. If I click on any of the tabs, all the tabs with the same name appear highlighted as if all 3 were open. If you need the URL to see the project, I can post that out-of-band (or here if security with it is not an issue).

Ping: @jgoggins

This has happened to me now as well, so ist still a Problem.



Thanks guys - pinging @jgoggins to look into this when he gets back from vacation next week.