Strange behaviour on the Web IDE [SOLVED]

I’m seeing so odd behaviour with the multiple file support… Let me start by saying “Marvellous…”. Great improvement and it significantly simplifies development. However I’ve started porting all of the libraries that were previously single file implementations.

The web IDE seems to work great with single h files… i.e.

one.h & one.cpp

however if I now have

one.h, one.cpp, two.h, two.cpp

Things start going a bit crazy. For some reason it occasionally renames all of them. So I end up with

one.h, one.cpp, one.h one.cpp

If I try to tidy it up a little and delete one of the one.h’s I delete all of them…

After a bit of mucking around I get a stable environment and I can save everything… and I can carry on as if nothing is wrong.

Odd behaviour… but such a big improvement. Keep it up!!!

Yes! We have noticed that bug and the team is working to resolve it as we speak.

Had the same issue.

Hey @Dom @binaryfrost , just an FYI, we just deployed a fix for this:

Thanks for reporting this issue and sorry for any troubles it make have caused.