Web IDE Bug: New multiple files feature is duplicating things!


Same problem here. :frowning:


Still happening. Very frustrating.


Still happening. Here’s how to recreate the problem (you should be able to replicate it on any library):

1: select HttClient library
2: select application.cpp and "use this example"
3: add new file to the current app.
4: set filename to “HttpClient” (use same filename as one file of the library)
5: remove the library

Now you should have double tabs for both HttpClient.cpp and HttpClient.h



Just a note here, that this is still happening. As described in this thread. Once it happened while importing and deleting libraries. Another time was just switching between the app and some libraries in the IDE.


Bug #1: Every time you go to the Libraries “pane” and add a library to your sketch, all your existing .cpp/.h tabs are duplicated - and removing any one of them removes ALL the similarly named tabs, causing you to lose all the contents.

Bug #2: If you forget to SAVE a sketch before clicking on the Libraries “pane”, all your changes are lost, with no warning or indication! It seems as if the build web “system” could easily protect the user (me!) from this common “I@&$” problem.


Bug 1 has now bumped priority (I want to squeeze it into one of the following sprints) and bug 2 has been added it to the backlog :blush:


Yes - I’ve just lost a good deal of work as a result of this! Frustrating. Can we have a user folder, “save as”, create new folders? I’m switching to the desktop version.


Well I’ve just had this happen to me and I wasn’t adding any libraries. Using WEB IDE
I just swapped programs, copied a section of code and then went back to the current program, pasted it in.
Code worked - and then some time later I noticed multiple copies of every file.

I deleted one ( not too critical) and it deleted all similar files.

So, how to I get this program back to a normal state please, and what do we do to stop this happening again.
I see this is an old thread too!

Look at all these duplicates! - except the .ino file



Yes me too. Whack-a-mole. It completely stalled my progress on importing an old multiple file project off git. I guess I could re-write the borrowed project into one file as a workaround.


I went to using particle dev - the locally based too. Easy to just grab the folder and copy before aby damage is done.


I downloaded it and checked it out. It does look like the way to go: best of all worlds compiling on the cloud, local file management. Thanks!


Hi guys, sorry to revive an old topic, but I have had this problem over the last week, the bug obviously isn’t ironed out yet!


Hi @joearkay,

We’ll let the IDE team know, make sure you don’t have multiple copies of the project open in different browser tabs. If you have any steps to reproduce the issue, please let us know! :slight_smile:


Particle Web IDE Bug: Multiple Copies

Sure, it seems to be only when I create a .cpp and .h file ‘MCP2434’. If I then rename one of these duplicates to something else, they split up again.


November 2018. Still getting duplicate files in web ide after doing ‘something’.