How can I include *.cpp and *.h files in cloud bild

Hi guys, I am new in programming with Partcile,
I would include some cpp and h files with my build but I could only see *.ino files , it would be great help if you give me some tip on this !


I guess you’re using Particle Build (Web IDE).

In the top right corner, you’ll see a circle with a plus sign in it - that’s the way to add new file tabs to the IDE.

I just filed an issue on the docs, since this seems missing there.

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Great thanks for your reply . Is there a way to include folder with files ?

Nope - not yet, but the Web IDE will get a major overhaul some time, maybe then.

But for now you can always have a GitHub account, place your libraries (public or privat) there and import them as shown in the docs.