Feedback on deploy status

Hi, this is maybe a good idea,
I know the online editor stuff is a bit on hold right now but…

If I’m correct there’s no clear feedback of the status of the spark you just flashed. Why not let the blue dot on the online ide follow the status of the spark being programmed?
?? a thought ?

Could you elaborate a bit further please?
Would you like the blue dot to show the color changes throughout the flashing progress, or did you have something else in mind?
A problem I see with the flashing is that the Core will disconnect from the internet, whereby it loses the ability to transmit its status. A ‘guesstimated’ color change could be applied until the Core reconnects again, but this could vary wildly due to connection differences, latency, and stuff like that.
If you’ve got any ideas on how to further improve the status updates, please let us know, it’s greatly appreciated!

Hi, @Moors7,

What you write is correct, when the core reflashes itself, the cloud is in the ‘dark’ about the cores activities. When you flash a core the blue dot stays breathing blue. Why not make it pulse, slower than on the core, purple, until the core establishes a connection again, and than switch to breathing blue again.
Speed and synchronicity are less important than feedback.
I did not explore the cloud part of the software jet. So the next idea might not be possible, or a bit silly, but I give it a go. Why don’t we create a global variable that can be altered by the application to reflect the application’s status. During IDE activity the value of this var will be transmitted to the cloud and relayed to the IDE. And let’s give it an update rate of say, 10 seconds. This var can be used for status information on the IDE side while developing.
I know the IDE has less priority at this time, but the visual feedback during flashing will be highly appreciated.


Those are valid arguments,. and I feel like more people would find this beneficial. Perhaps the guys at Spark HQ can add it to some backlog so this can be dealt with later on. If I’m not mistaken, @jgoggins is responsible for the IDE stuff, so hopefully he can use this info. Or relay it further to those responsible.

Thanks for your efforts in explaining this, appreciated!

Thanks for sharing the cool ideas @marcus and @Moors7 !
I agree, it would be nice to reflect the core’s status more accurately in the Web IDE.
I’m also thinking that doing what you’ve described doesn’t seem too difficult. Once there is some manpower directed at it, this shouldn’t take too long. We’ll ping you when there is some forward momentum to explore/implement these excellent ideas.

Cheers guys!


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