Farnell UK Boron 2G/3G

A heads up for anyone in the UK purchasing from Farnell.

Their product ref 2965720 is NOT 2g/3g it’s the Cat M1 version.

Interested to hear if anyone has M1 coverage in UK yet.


I had a look at Farnell UK and I am really not sure if it is the LTE or the 3G because they have covered it both ways! Have you received one from Farnell or are you just going off the website?

In terms of using with Cat M1 there isn’t much coverage yet and NB-IOT I think is best on Vodafone but you need to mod the AT code - someone based in Germany recently posted how they had done this.

I have 2 for a PoC which are now being sent back.

Quite poor that there was no apology from their tech or sales team.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Sorry to hear that - do you absolutely need CatM1/NB-IOT or could you run with 3G solution until the Boron LTE are released in Europe/UK?

Yes I can and they have agreed to take the LTE ones back.

The power drain is quite high on the 3G network which makes a battery only device difficult.

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