B Series LTE CAT1/3G/2G... But for North America

Hi Particle Folks,

Noticed that a European version of the B-Series are out, but with LTE/3G/2G support. Any plans to do this for the North American market? There’s plenty of rural applications out there with non-mainstream carriers that 4G LTE won’t accomodate, but that 2G/3G will. We have to take a gamble on which modem SKU will work in a given territory and run with that hoping that it’ll work. If we don’t get this judgement right, then it’s an expensive service call to get it swapped out.

Thanks, M

Hi Mblackler,

We’re always listening and looking to provide the best coverage for our products, but we’ll only have the current product line up as is for the foreseeable future. We do have a regular Boron with 2G/3G coverage, but it will not have the longer lifespan and m.2 form factor that the new B523 will have.

That’s cool: but from what I understand the B523 doesn’t work in North America. Not clear on what you’re saying here - as you’re talking as though I should choose the B523, but it says it’s for Europe.

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