False flash, unknown code running?

Not sure how to actually set the topic for this. But I have multiple times had my core to suddenly do magenta flash, like if I had pressed the flash button on the page. But the thing is that I have not pressed the flash button, and after 20-30 seconds of doing its flashing, it goes back to restarting and reconnecting, then goes back to normal breathe with the led again.

However, after this it does no longer seem to run my code. D7 should be set high as some of the first in my code, but it stays low and the d7 led stays off.

When I try to call a function in my code it returns this

  "ok": false,
  "error": "Variable not found"

If I press the reset button it resets, and then starts to run my code again and everything continues to run as expected. Today this happened at 19:35 GMT+1.

Would be good to see what code are you originally running :slight_smile:

Sounds weird to get a magenta flash as though someone is downloading into yours :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly, which is why I have had it quite a few times before I actually made this post… I have had it happening with different codes, even with some that only read from an analog pin and stored that value…

@dave can help you by digging in the logs and see what is triggering the connection.

I’m thinking to unclaim your core and reclaim it to see if things turn out well.

Another way would be to reset your access token!

Give it a shot? :wink:

This was happening before my old token expired, still happening on the new. And it does not even look like something is actually uploaded, since it is running my code after I manually reset it.

Interesting problem you have there :wink:

Shall see what the other guys have to see but it’s the 1st time we are seeing this though.

Can you do a factory reset and leave it alone? See if tge magenta flash still comes on after awhile

I could, but it can be a day without it happening, maybe even more. So my hope is that something can be seen in the log.

The best person to check this is out…might be asleep…or not (4.55am in asia now) :stuck_out_tongue:

No worries the :spark: team will definitely be seeing your problem :wink:

Hey @Mikey,

Are you building against the latest master, or are you building using the build IDE?

I believe it’s possible you might be seeing a ‘safe mode’ that was introduced recently and also got an ‘led color’ recently as well. There is better documentation for this coming, but unless you tell it not to, the new firmware will try to recover from crashes into a state where you can always flash OTA, but that means it has to stop running your code. A quick tap of the reset button should immediately go back to running your code. You can disable this behavior as well. It’s possible that’s not the case, but I’ve been seeing traffic about this recently so I thought I’d mention it.