Faint Solid red LED

I have a new photon particle board, never been used before, and I can’t do anything on it. I plug it in to a power source (tried both usb port on my computer and use wall adapter) and the centre LED is stuck on a faint solid red, The LED on the d7 is stuck on a faint solid blue.
The only thing I can do to change the LED’s is when I press the reset button, the red LED goes off and the D7 gets brighter.
I am just getting started with arduino and programming so assume my knowledge level is negligible.

This sounds like DOA - you may need to contact your vendor.

But you can try entering DFU Mode (press/hold SETUP then tap RESET and see if the RGB LED goes yellow, then release SETUP).

@Krankin, can you describe how your Photon is setup? Is it on a breadboard? Sitting in the black foam it came with? Is it connected to anything else?

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its on a breadboard, but nothing is connected to it except power.

You may also try removing it from your breadboard (un-stressed state) and see what happens.

Sometimes, I have read on the forum, inserting the Photon into a breadboard may cause a very subtle flex of the board and cause (for example) the case for the IC to become shorted internally.