Failed to create webhook

I’m getting this error when trying to create a webhook this morning:

$ particle webhook create sensorData 1234567890abcdef
Sending webhook request { uri: ‘’,
method: ‘POST’,
{ event: ‘sensorData’,
url: ‘’,
deviceid: ‘1234567890abcdef’,
requestType: undefined,
mydevices: true },
headers: { Authorization: ‘Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx’ } }
Something went wrong, server said: Timed out

I’ve see this before, and usually if I wait a few minutes it works. I’ve waited over an hour now and I’m still seeing the issue. Anyone else having trouble?


Should be working now.

@kennethlimcp Unfortunately, I’m still seeing the same error.

I have notified Dave :slight_smile:

@kennethlimcp Thank you!

Give it a shot again.

Yes, it it working again. Thanks for your help @kennethlimcp!