Failed to claim device: Device has already pending transfers

Hi, i’m an intern at some company and i get a task to do something using photon. Some photon has been given to me but it has been claimed by the company. I want to transfer the claim to me… how can i do that?

Now, the photon is fast blinking cyan and after few minutes blinking orange shortly and after that blinking green and back to cyan and this looping all time. I try “particle device add” and i said “Yes” to transfer the claim and it give me this output “Failed to claim device: Device has already pending transfers”… can you help me?


Yon can only claim a device when it is breathing cyan (or magenta when in Safe Mode).

The orange blinks may indicate some issue with the device keys and/or connectivity issues when your network does not permit a cloud connection (firewall, proxy, …).

The keys issue can be solved via CLI and DFU Mode

particle keys server
particle keys doctor <insertYourDeviceID>

To mitigate the connectivity issue you can try to connect to some other WiFi (e.g. your mobile phone hotspot).

Hi @ScruffR,

Before that, i want to explain that the connection is not the issue, because i have the other photon that i have claimed and it is breathing cyan…

regarding your answer, i just tried it,

particle keys server

it gave me,

Okay! New keys in place, your device will not restart.

and then i type,

particle keys doctor 2a0****

it gave me,

New Key Created!
attempting to add a new public key for device 2a0***
Make sure your device is in DFU mode (blinking yellow), and that your computer is online.: Error sending public key to server: Permission Denied

You should create a support ticket. Include the device ID of the Photon.

What ScruffR said is true: claiming can only be done when breathing cyan. But you can’t get to breathing cyan because you probably have bad keys. However, since you haven’t claimed the device yet, you can’t update the keys, because only the current device owner can update the keys.

Thanks @rickkas7,

i just created a support ticket regarding this issues. i will wait the response and inform to this post.