Export Restrictions on the CC3000

Does anyone know anything regarding the export restrictions on the CC3000? Does it apply to big orders or also to small orders? Do you need some sort of licence, is there any fee? Has anyone gone through the process?

Thanks a lot!

No License Required. If you put in your correct information and TI allows you to download via their system you should be in the clear. Most likely they are comparing your name / address with those pesky people who live in a cave. Ya know, this year the U.S. State Department calls them “Freedom Fighters”.

So if your not a Freedom Fighter :wink: you should be okay.

You should be more concerned about whether that country allows the radio to be used there etc…

We would hope the TI system is setup to prevent “unlawful distribution” of their software to such places :smile:

I actually meant the physical module, the CC3000. For example, ordering 1200.