Core IPv6 support?

may be a stupid question, does IPv6 support is forseen or possible ?

Not possible according to TI :smile:

I’m thinking a IPv6 translator maybe on the server side in future?

Heard it somewhere before but please correct me if im wrong!

Server side tunneling would be awesome. The team needs to reserve a /8 and assign each Core a unique address!

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thanks for the information :-).
Is this a software (TI firmaware ) limitation or hardware limitation ?

Hmm… Usually, the hardware is the limitation where the IPv4 stack is embedded in the silicon.

I cant tell 100% for sure is that is done in CC3000 but look at their forum, it seems like it’s possible but they are going to support it.

So for the CC3000, let’s say it’s a TI firmware limitation unless someone comes out and explicitly mention that the hardware is not IPv6 capable.

Maybe if there are like gazillion :spark: cores out there…

They might consider an IPv6 request from the team or maybe someone can email them to ask if the hardware is the limitation :smiley: