CC3000 Price too high?

TI claims a price for the CC3000 of $10USD @ 1k Quantities. Is it possible to get near that price? Everywhere I look it costs like 15USD @ 1k Quantities and over $17USD @ 100 quantities. Where does spark buy their CC3000?

This has prices in higher quantities.

Maybe a link of where your information is from would be good :smile:

But i think there will be special quotes for that or something. We can hear from @Steph

I know @BDub recently spoke with someone at DigiKey regarding the CC3000 pricing. Maybe he can comment in this thread.

I was pretty upset to find the price of this module skyrocketing, which is why I wrote digikey a nice letter, and they called to talk to me.

Basically, prices have gone up due to the popularity of the CC3000. It’s unclear if they have also gone up because of a shortage of CC3000’s. But just last year I was able to buy CC3000’s from Digikey in single quantities for $12 each. Digikey has given me a 30 day quote for the $12 price, for however many I want to buy. I’m not sure this really helps anyone though. Or maybe it does?

@BDub Actually, it’s very helpful! Could you give me more information regarding your talk with digikey? If I were to ask the same, what key points do you think I should address?

They only seemed to give me a deal since I had previously bought some at that price, and I had to drop my company name as well and tell them what we manufacture.

Seems to be my case. I have also bought (like 20) at the previous $12.50 price. I send them a message to see if they reply. Thanks!

Hey @dorse, getting the price down in high quantities is something that takes some time and relationships within your supply chain. I definitely agree with @BDub that unfortunately you probably will have to drop your name and company you’re manufacturing with.

If you’d like to talk a bit more in-depth on what your needs are you’re welcome to shoot me an email at