ESPN Bottomline Ticker

To start off I am an industrial engineer with little to no experience in C++ and the micro-controller world, my buddy showed me his Arduino and I was hooked. I got a Pi3, Arduino Uno and the Particle Photon and enjoy the learning process and am catching on slowly. I put together a KegBerry with the Pi to monitor my kegerator and my next idea was to use the Particle Photon and 2 16x32 RGB matrices (from Adafruit) to live stream sports scores from the ESPN Bottomline API. The Kegberry was rather simple because it was designed well by the Kegbot team and had great instructions, I am way out of my element with my ESPN project. Is the Particle Photon capable of handling this project and would I even be able to put together the code to make it happen? Are there similar projects out there that I could transform/fork for a sports ticker?

Hey there, nice to have you on the community!
Sounds like a neat project you’re attempting, and should be doable as well. There’s been something similar here, that might be of interest to you:

Considering they’ve got a REST JSON API, you should be able to make use of webhooks to reduce the strain on the Photon. In a very recent update, those have gotten easier to work with as well :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, that will definitely keep me occupied for a while.