I'm planning a hackathon


I’m going to plan a hackathon and I’m interesting about your opinion regarding scope. I’m not really sure if everything could fit in a one day hackathon and I want to avoid getting stuck and end the day with an unfinished product.

So basically I want to create an indoor weather station. Collecting temperature and humidity with several photons and display the results on a dashboard as web and/or mobile app.

I want to hand out to every participant a particle photon, humidity sensor, breadboard, cables, etc… the wiring is following several tutorials out there and looks pretty much straight forward: https://openhomeautomation.net/cloud-data-logger-particle-photon/

The next step is to connect a cloud DB like DynamoDB or google cloud to log all the data.

In the last and most important step the data should be displayed on a nice dashboard. With features like history comparison, drill down, etc. The dashboard should be available as app on mobile devices and on websites.

The audience of this hackathon is mostly mobile and web engineers. They are pretty much common in displaying data and creating apps. The hardware part should make the day more interesting instate of working with generated demo data.

What do you think? Does this all could fit in one day or is it too heavy? Any other feedback or ideas?

Thank you very much.

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Hi, I don’t know DynamoDB and haven’t worked with google Cloud, but Google seems a difficult thing to use (might be wrong).
In the past I checked ubidots, and their service was easy to use and they provide functions for your particles. I suggest you give them a shot :smile:

I think the content of the hackathon is achievable.

Good luck!


In my previous job we had to do a couple of small hackatons for dissemination pourposes. I would try to have some scripts prepared as a “platform” (i.e: rest api .insert data, read data… easy in php and mysql database) so the users just need to develop the sketch to send data to that platform and then read data from it to display on the webpages. If you are planning to use particle platform, then I don’t know how it works, I haven’t gone so far yet.

So basically, they will learn how to program in particle environment and then, make something easy for them like a webpage to read and display those data.


Good points… thank you guys