New Particle console

Really excited about new console (!), but I have two questions:

  • succeeded in creating a new product, but then I get a nice 404 with sharks and bears trying to access it (maybe because my devices are all offline ?)
  • what about console compatibility with so called “compounds” ? Asking for my future fleet of Duos



Same here 404 after creating.

Love the new 25unit plan, the first paid plan is still quite a step up from free, but I welcome the change :smile:
Is the prototype plan limited to 1 product/project ?

Yeah, this is great. I would never try out the organization simply because I wanted to test it out before I started paying.

Seems like the server is getting hit pretty hard right now. I have noticed a few timeouts and nothing loads when I’m trying to click around.

Your 404 page is pretty awesome though :smile:


I’m definitely excited about it as well. Good decision from the Particle staff to make this available. I’m experiencing the same loading issues as well, but hopefully it’s cleared up when the service isn’t brand new.

Hey all – glad to hear that you guys are excited about our new pricing! We are looking into some performance issues post-launch. Our engineering team is looking into the issue now

We have resolved the performance degradation, and are monitoring the situation closely. Let us know if you see any more wonkiness!

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Love the new 25unit plan, the first paid plan is still quite a step up from free, but I welcome the change :smile:
Is the prototype plan limited to 1 product/project ?

@MORA great question – the new price plan is based around products. So, if, for example you have three products, each in prototype phase, then each of them would live within their own Prototype plan. Then, if one of your products is ready to scale, you would raise that single product to the next tier, but your other products would remain in their own Prototype tiers. Lots of flexibility with the new plan!


Interesting, the old pricing was a one-size-fits-all monthly price regardless of amount of products, the fee is now per product ?

So if you have 3 products with 40, 60 and 100units active, you would need to pay 237$/month ?
Thats actually quite a step up from the old pricing that people was calling too expensive.

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@jeiden, what’s the maximum data size of an event?

I don’t understand why you guys are so happy about the new pricing. Maybe for who is going to use only the free tier playing with products is a new game but for others who chose to make products for real customers could be a problem.
A real case: we are a micro company composed by only 2 engineers and we chose to make our last product using particle and the particle dashboard. The customer request was to develop 300 boards, so we produced them and sold them considering the dashboard cost of 49$/month.
Now we will be charged 249$/month so 5 times more than the amount we considered! That means almost 10$/year per device x 4-5-6 years of product life make our cost per board 60$ more.

Also i don’t understand another thing: considering 1 product, if i register 250 devices my price per device is 0.32$/month then if i register 50 devices more the price rise to 0.83$/month per device so 2.5 times more. From 900 active devices to 1100 is 6 times more. How it’s possibile to scale if the price per device rise changing the tier?

The best thing seems to reach the maximum device per tier and then create a new product but why?

Or am i understanding wrong?


@Donwhale the maximum size of an event is 255 bytes. See here for details:

Hi @durielz,

You’re right that our new pricing means that some users will pay more. One of the things that we’ve learned with our Dashboard pricing is that many customers were willing and able to pay more than we were charging. If you have hundreds or thousands of devices in the field, we’re adding a lot more value than $49/mo, so we’ve changed our pricing structure to better reflect the value we create for customers.

Regarding your pricing math, you’re not just getting more devices as you scale; you’re also getting for more events, more team members, and more service and support. Over time as we continue building out the features of the platform, higher pricing tiers will also have more features, more data storage, etc. You might only have a small handful of devices, but those devices are very chatty, and you need a support contract and an SLA because your devices are mission-critical. In that case, you might choose a higher pricing tier than would be required by just the number of devices in order to get more from Particle.

Can you explain the pricing say…someone has 1100 devices, 2000, 3000 but less than 10k? Could be a big stop for me.

Check out for all the details.

If you have more than 1000 devices in your product and less than 10,000, then you’d be in the Scale tier. You’d pay $1799/$1999 per month (depending on whether you want to pay for a year up front or be billed monthly). Those thousands of devices could, in aggregate, send up to 100 million outbound events (webhooks, SSEs, integrations) per month without requiring you to upgrade. Additionally, you’d get guaranteed support responses within 4 business hours, plus guaranteed 99.9% uptime.

(Edited the above: I incorrectly said Rollout tier before, sorry! :pray:)

Make sense @pmjackson?

Oh…so you would not pay $249/$279 mo. for each set of 1000?

I edited above because I incorrectly said Rollout, when the Scale tier was correct. The device numbers are “up to” numbers. The Scale tier supports up to 10k devices.

These are billed per product @pmjackson — so a product that has up to 10k devices pays $1799 per month — not per thousand devices or anything like that.

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It seems like the pricing jump between 1000 devices and 10,000 devices is going to incentivize bad behavior. I can definitely see myself creating more “products” when I am about to go over the 1000 device tier, at least until I hit the 7500 device or so barrier. Will there be a limit to this type of activity?

One other question – does the SLA in the “Scale” tier cover cellular / telephony uptime?

Finally, really looking forward to when you guys add a way to send messages to “sleepy” devices! This is required feature for what I am working on, and it is something I will willingly and happily pay for.

@hwestbrook I know @BDub has mentioned this as being a possibility in the future awhile back. I’m also interested in how this can work, I think the Electron can be sleeping but the uBlox modem has to still be on and connected to the network for the firmware update to work.

@BDub Where are you guys at with this?

Haha, let’s be good to our future selves and stay on the topic of the console in this thread. :smile_cat:

Some discussion of the sleepy devices feature over here:

Regarding “bad behavior” keep in mind that every pricing structure has loopholes. We’re not trying to create a perfectly strict set of rules here — what we are trying to do is line up our incentives with product creators! We want to let people prototype with our tools before they’re making any money, and we want to scale with them as their revenue grows.

The old model didn’t do that — it blocked people out with a pay-wall so they never even saw the great tools we offer! That’s no good! The per seat pricing represented our incorrect assumption that teams grew as deployments grew — but we’ve seen huge teams accomplish very little and tiny teams do amazing things!

We at :particle: are so excited to have a pricing structure that truly represents our commitment to being the only IoT platform that truly takes you all the way from prototype to production!