Error when uploading a new firmware on the console for targeted OTA

“Your firmware could not be created. The product version in the binary must match the provided product version”

This is the error I am getting when uploading a new bin file for a targeted OTA that I want to do.
One reason that I think might be the case is that my devices run on v2 but in the “Firmware” section in the console, there is only v1 uploaded. So when I add the new bin as v2 it is accepting and creating the version, but that will not update my devices even if I release it as according to console this is the v2 that they already have. However, when I’m trying to upload it as v3 it is showing the above error.
My OS version is 0.6.2rc-2

That error means the PRODUCT_VERSION in your main source file did not match the version you specified in your upload request.

You’ll need to update the PRODUCT_VERSION, rebuild the binary, and then upload the new firmware binary to the product.

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