Console Firmware Upload not working


I am trying to upload a new version of my firmware but i get a error message that the ID is not the same as in the code ? I double checked it and recompiled a few times but to no avail.

Using an Electron with 1.0.1 OS.

Any ideas.


Can you please post a screenshot? The upload dialogue will only increment the version 1 and hence if you have skipped versions in development then this could be the reason.

Just to confirm that in your code you have these macros and are uploading the binary compiled from it.


My last three successful uploaded version is 440,441 en 442 and i am trying 443 currently.


What do you get from particle binary inspect <yourFirmware.bin>?

Ok something is wrong - ???

Problem solved - I had another empty *.ino file further down the file system and the compiler used that as the source. I deleted it and now it is fine.