Can't upload new firmware version to dashboard


I’ve been using the Particle dashboard, and have been able to manage a number of firmware upgrades (now on version 5). I compiled and was attempting to upload a new version (6), same platform ID, and got the following message in a cute red notification box that disappears itself:

Bummer! Your firmware could not be created. The platform id in the binary must match the product platform id

The platform ID has not changed in the binary, so I’m pretty confused.

Compile was done in cloud via particle-cli (particle compile electron *) as per usual. I also checked Dashboard status, and it says everything is fine.

Any ideas? Cheers,


Ping! I still can’t upload a new firmware version via the dashboard. Am I the only person who is having trouble with this? Cheers, L3

I just started having this problem today. I have re downloaded the firmware and have ensured that the products ID match but it still gives me the error that they do not match.

Any luck with your issue? I’m getting the error now.

Sorry I did t respond earlier.

What I was told was that the dashboard doesn’t support electrons. This stunned me at first, because I was running fine w electrons.

But then I realized that when I first set up the product it was a photon project. I went back to check and Lo and Behold there is no electron in the drop down menu. My “Electron” project was really a “Photon” project.

So I guess that it worked for a while because the dashboard did not check for the type of particle device. Once it started checking, I was hosed.

It will take someone at particle to say when the dashboard will support the electron. All I know is that I can’t use it for my current project. Sigh.

Hope this helps. Cheers,


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Is it confirmed that the electron still does not allow for firmware to be posted to a product dashboard?