Help with Upload New Firmware Binary

I don’t understand the message I’m getting: “BUILD FIRMWARE AGAINST 0.4.1”:

The message references this screenshot:, which clearly shows there are newer versions since 0.4.1. So must I use an older firmware version to upload my firmware to the product creator?

I’m using SparkDev and there doesn’t seem to be any option to compile against a specific firmware? Not sure how to tell which it is using.

Even using, as the there are no firmware version available. Under Particle Devices, I see “You are building with firmware: No firmware available”:

Sorry to hear that Paul. Could you PM me Device ID you’re trying to build firmware with?

I realized now why is not showing firmware versions. When you click on devices, then the name of the device, rather than expanding the device details down, the page displays a box to edit the name of the device. Editing the name of the device appears to cause the firmware versions dropdown to display “No firmware available”. If I reload the page, and just click the > arrow to expand the device details, then I can see the various firmware versions drop down box.

However that doesn’t explain my other questions about building against 0.4.1 specifically.


It’s a bug with versions dropdown then. About 0.4.1, yes, currently you have to build your firmware against it to use it in your product. Flashing anything newer would put the devices in Safe Mode. It will be possible to use latest versions very soon though.

Hi, I’ve got the same problem. I can’t select target firmware so I can’t deploy my code on the Core. Please fix asap because at the moment my Spark/Particle Core is unusable.