Photon doesnt accept new firmware using OTA flash


I am experiencing problem with one of our deployed Photons - it is running 0.6.3 system firmware and our application. All is working well.

Now I need to OTA flash update of the application… The flash is successful (using CLI), the Photon reconnects back to cloud, but with the old firmware. The new firmware is somehow discarded. I tried updating to 0.7.0 (manually, part1, part2, bootloader), but all binaries are discarded same way and Photon still reports 0.6.3 and old application.

We use own cloud server (Brewskey), have around 400 devices - all updating without a single issue. So it is just this one device.

Any tips what I could do to convice the Photon to update before replacing the device physically?

Thank you!

What happens if you update over USB? (if possible)

Hello, I don’t have physical access to the device - it was already shipped to customer. I am trying to find a way how to fix it remotely.

@rickkas7 Can probably help you out.

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