Error During Initial Setup

I’m having a problem while trying to initially setup my Particle Argon device. I am using the iOS app for the setup. I go through the steps of clicking to add a new device, selecting an Argon unit. Then it asks to attach the wi-fi attachment, scan the QR code on the device and plug into the power supply, in this case USB port my macbook laptop.

The light initially starts blinking green, yet it asks for a blinking blue. I press the mode button and it correctly changes to be blinking blue. I confirm and hit next on the app. It initially says “Congrats! You have successfully paired Argon-…” however after about a 2 second delay an error box pops up saying "Error: There was an error while removing your device from the mesh network on Particle Device Cloud. (Device not found.)"


I cannot get past this error page. Am I doing something wrong? I do not believe that I set up a mesh as I’ve never used this device before. I’d just like some advice and help to setup my Particle Argon!