Error 1007 when connecting Photon to WPA2 Enterprise network


I have been trying to connect my Photon (1.4.2) to a WPA2 Enterprise network for the last days following the steps on .

When connecting for the first time, using a PC or smartphone, the network asks me to accept THEIR certificate. This is a use case I haven’t explicitly seen in the instructions.

I’ve set the logLevel to LOG_LEVEL_ALL in the web editor and flashed the Photon (using another network).

I get an error 1007 NOT_KEYED when trying to connect to this network on the Photon, both with and without providing their cert in PEM format.

Should I provide the received cert when trying to connect? Is there a way to have the Photon accept and use the received certificate?

This means you will need to set a certificate in the credentials.Setting the certificate is in the WiFi Credentials object description in the docs.

thanks I’ll take a look at the docs here:

To be clear: you mean that I have to set the certificate that I received while connecting on desktop as a Root certificate while connecting with the Photon?

1007 is not keyed. I am guessing from what you have described this is PEAP/MSCHAPv2 - do you have the option to remove the need for a certificate? Certainly if a phone or laptop requires a certificate then the photon will require one!