Endless loop when updating Device OS

I spent hours several weeks ago and now that I sat down to tinker with my Argon again I’ve run into the same problem: When I flash a sketch from the Web IDE and the installed OS version is less than the one chosen in the web IDE (which would trigger an OS update along with the sketch update) it ends up in an endless reprogramming loop. The LED cycles through phases of off, almost imperceptible flashing, and solid purple every few seconds.

I’ve let it go for 5 minutes and it never ends. If I power cycle the device it goes through a normal connection sequence and then after connecting to the cloud immediately goes into the update sequence again. I’ve found that I could get out of this loop if I force it into safe mode, set the Web IDE to match the installed OS version, and resend my sketch.

Has anyone else seen this or solved it? Seems like I’m going to be stuck on OS 1.4.2 unless I can find a solution…

If you watch the progress of this process on console.particle.io/events you may see that it can take longer than 5 minutes and the Argon's LED signals are (for some reason) a bit more confusing during that periode than they were with Gen1 & 2 devices.
For me the Argon also takes considerably longer reconnecting to WiFi than the Photon did - that also adds to the time needed for an automatic device OS update due to a version mismatch.

If that takes too long for you, you can update the device OS via USB in DFU Mode too.

particle update -v

@ScruffR wow I’m ashamed to say I just didn’t wait long enough. I had memories of it going through the green/cyan connection process several times during long updates on the Photon so the solid on/off purple light with radio silence in the Console for 5+ minutes made me think it was stuck in a loop.

Sorry I doubted it, and thank you!

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