Enabling external GNSS antenna on the SOM

Hi, I'm trying to use an external GNSS antenna with the Tracker SOM.
However, i can't seem to find a way to e.g. control the GNSS_LNA_EN pin.. I have found a setAntanna method inside ubloxGPS.cpp which seems t accept a "UBX_EXTERNAL_ANT" (0x01) value but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
Has anyone tried to connect an antenna other than directly to the u.FL connector on the SOM?

The GNSS_LNA_EN pin is somewhat automatically managed by the Neo M8U module. There isn't any other way to connect a GNSS antenna than via the u.FL connector. As long as you provide an antenna that supports L1 bands it should be ready.

Thanks Eric!
What is the purpose of the various GNSS pins on the SOM then?
E.g. the GNSS_ANT_PWR and GNSS_RF? Are these just related to the onboard u.FL connector?

They are meant for various test fixtures for early TSOM development and manufacturing. We did use GNSS_ANT_PWR in Tracker One to charge up a super capactior for GNSS ephemeris as shown in page 2 of the schematics. The other GNSS related nets are unrouted.