GPS module recommendation with external antenna to work with an electron board

Currently I can make an E-Series Electron board work with a GPS antenna (SAM-M8Q-0-10) of U-Blox which is a module that has the integrated antenna.

Now I need to make the same arrangement of an Electron board of the E series but with a GPS module with external antenna, can you recommend some module?

I’m thinking of using a MAX-M8 series module from U-Blox, but I’m still not sure if I’m making a good choice, can someone advise me?


I have had good luck with the u-blox modules and typically use the MAX-M8 model, the same version that is on the AssetTracker V2. I typically use an external antenna and include a SMA connector on my board, though U.FL is another option.

However, I generally the u-blox GPS using I2C instead of serial, as there is only one serial port on Gen 3 devices. This is less of an issue on the Electron and E Series which have an abundance of serial ports. The AssetTrackerRK library works over both I2C and serial.

@rickkas7 Thanks, for answer

So can I use this document as a reference for my PCB?

Do you have any documents you can recommend?


So if you only use an external antenna you can go much simpler with the RF side, as you don’t need an antenna switch.

Also, since you can power down the MAX M8 in software, you can skip the power down MOSFET.

And if you use a 1 mA SMD LED, the TIMEPULSE pin has more than enough drive to eliminate the MOSFET on that line.

And you end up with this. (Not pictured: pull-ups on SDA and SCL)

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This definitely looks better, thanks for the information, I will do it with this guide.
I suppose that I can connect the SDA and SCL as a connection in the SAM-M8Q with a ESD Suppressors / TVS Diodes Low-Cap.

I have a doubt that happens with JP2 and JP3, can I skip them?


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