Asset Tracker to Pair with Electron

Hello, I am developing a mobile sensing kit with the Electron MCU and I was wondering which GPS tracking device is recommended to pair with the Electron. Moreover, what libraries would be used to code these devices in WebIDE? Thank you

The Electron is no longer supported, however it should work with most GPS that supports the PMTK protocol over UART serial using the AssetTrackerRK library which is available in the community libraries in the Web IDE.

For the best chances of getting it to work I’d pick a GNSS with a u-blox MAX M8 chip on it, which is what the no longer available Electron AssetTracker v2 used. But really most serial-connected GNSS modules should work.

@jua23, I’ve used this module from AliExpress which works well with @rickkas7’s library. I power it using 3.3v without issues.