Electrons blinking cyan (slow blink) and fails to connect to the cloud

I manage a small fleet (~200) of Electrons running 0.7.0 DeviceOS. They are installed all over the country and I don’t have access to the devices. The Electrons are powered by a 5V, 2A power supply.

Some of the Electrons are offline (11 devices) and when I enquired about the device state, they informed me that it is blinking cyan. I confirmed this by looking at the video. It is a slow blink. I asked the person to do a power reset and it is online now. I repeated the same to other devices that are offline. They are also online now.

I am running DeviceKeyHelper to restore device keys and I also have an application watch dog to reset the device if necessary.

  1. The slow cyan blink tells me that the device is connected to the network but failed to connect to the Particle cloud.
  2. A power reset seems to fix the problem.
  3. The problem seems to persist on one or two devices i.e. they do come online but disappear after sometime.

I am trying to find the root cause of this cyan blink and a potential fix for the problem. I am trying to avoid irritating strangers on the phone by repeatedly requesting a power reset.

Any suggestion is appreciated. I am not entirely sure if it is my code that is causing this problem as I am operating the Electron in semi-automatic mode.

It always helps if you can show us the code so we can check for irregularities.