Electron UnPause Failure and Increase Limit Failure


I have an interesting problem without an apparent solution:

1 I have exceeded the 5Mb quota on the SIM this morning
2 So I went through the unpause process and accepted the 10 Mb limit
3 A failure occurred during the unpause process and now the webpage states I have exceeded my 10Mb quota and to unpause I need to increase my limit to 20 Mb
4 I have raised this as a problem (ticket ID is 76536) and genuinely expecting a quick turnaround and am advised it will be 6+ days to look at the problem.
5 Given that tomorrow my month resets I am concerned Particle support will not see the issue and Ill loose quite a bit of valuable time working on the project especially if the unit remains Paused for 6+ days.

Does anyone have any ideas?


There is an ongoing issue which may also be causing this behaviour
Have a look at status.particle.io and this thread
Over 20 Devices just went down

Thanks I really appreciate the reply. I saw that, but I didn’t feel it was a connectivity issue, rather a billing issue. But you are probably correct.

I’ll see if the system comes back on line of its own accord tonight at midnight.

I’m finalising my integration with AWS (and stress testing code) and apart from particle integration occasionally failing to handle the reply from AWS the unit has been connecting fine.

My billing cycle just restarted today.

The web page now states the device has used zero data this month, but the web page still insists the device has used excessive bandwidth and remains in pause mode and is still asking for me to pay for 20Mb to unpause!?