Electrons having difficulty connecting since outage

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve had something like 70 electrons out in the field in Canada for the last 8 months or so with no real issues.

Since the particle outage a few days ago the electrons are either taking forever to connect or not connecting at all.
I didn’t change anything in the firmware or anything. All these devices are running on Particle Sim cards.
Has anyone else had this issue?


@PeaTearDial, are these 2G or 2G/3G Electrons? Which version of DeviceOS are you running? Have you checked that they have not exceed any data limits you may have set?

Sorry for this, @PeaTearDial - let’s see how we can help. Would you mind submitting a ticket to: support.particle.io? From there the Support Squad can look into the specifics of your network and devices to better diagnose the issue.

I just told the team about your issue so they’re keeping an eye out.

– Joe

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These are 2G/3G electrons running 0.7.0.
No issues with data limits - checked them and they’re all good.

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sure will do.

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How long should it normally take to get a response from a ticket?

Is there and issue with the SIMs page on the particle console?

I have some activated SIMs that have been in use for while that I cant find on the main SIMs page or on any of my product pages… I wonder where they went?

Normally they’re responsive within a handful of hours… let me ping the team again, PTD.


I have had this issue as well. Mind sharing the solution if you find one?



It looks like this is a sporadic issue a few members of our community are seeing, Chip. I’ve told the support team that you’re seeing it too.

We should have a fix on the way soon - stay tuned.


Thank you.


Hey Joe,

Any update for this?


Ok, I just let support know again, @PeaTearDial. They should be responding to the conversation you were having earlier shortly if they haven’t already.

Thanks for bearing with us here.

Hi All,
I have this same issue, it’s the second time with this particular unit, the last time was in August. We’ve gone thru all the steps again and no luck yet.

Last time around after resetting the cloud connection and the cellular connection it came to life days later after I set its firmware to revert to a version that was just tinker. I think we had to pull the battery and restore power, which is problematic due to the remote location.

I started a ticket which is still open, and hopefully this will resolve shortly. I feel like I may have to replace the electron now that it’s a repeat offender.


Did you try particle keys server and particle keys doctor? This often helps when I have connectivity issues on my Electrons, particularly when it’s caused by a power outage.