Electron & Tinker Question

In order to use Tinker with my Iphone and the new Electron, I seem to have the Cell phone connected to WiFI otherwise the Tinker app will not appear up on my Iphone, Is this normal?
I assumed that I could useTinker on my cell phone to communicate with the Electron without the use of WiFi? Am I missing something here? Is this normal operation?

@Geotek50, the Electron, running Tinker, needs to be connected to the Particle Cloud (breathing cyan). Your cellphone needs to be connected to the internet, running the Particle app and logged in to your cloud account. Whether your phone connects to the internet via WiFi or GSM is not relevant.

If you are having problems, can you be clearer and what these are?


Sorry - I just discovered that I had not allowed the particle app to communicate via cellular service.
I had it set to only WiFi, so Tinker did not work trying to access the Electron.

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